Aug 11, 2022 News Release

Wor-Wic graduates listed

The following students completed their program requirements to graduate with a certificate (CT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of science (AS) or associate of arts (AA) degree from Wor-Wic Community College this past fall and spring.
Harborton: Whitney Jordan Coulbourne, AAS, Radiologic Technology.
New Church: Charity Cropper, CT, Criminal Justice.
Temperanceville: Simone Houston, CT, Criminal Justice.
Denton: Katelyn Bryan, CT, Emergency Medical Services; Olivia Maddox, CT, Criminal Justice; Benjamin Mitzel, CT, Criminal Justice; Alberto Osorio, CT, Criminal Justice; and Demetrius Avery Timmons, CT, Criminal Justice.
Federalsburg: Elijah Jawuan Cephas, CT, Criminal Justice.
Greensboro: Michael King, CT, Criminal Justice.
Preston: Jared Wallace, CT, Criminal Justice.
Cambridge: Audra Campbell, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Paul Casolaro Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; David Cousins, AA, Computer Studies; Kyle Hardy, CT, Criminal Justice; Jamez Donnell Justice, CT, Criminal Justice; Turhanda Andrea' Opher, CT, Criminal Justice; and David Whipple, CT, Criminal Justice.
Hurlock: Dylan Crannell, CT, Criminal Justice; and Derrick L. Sampson, CT, Criminal Justice.
Vienna: Tina L. Thompson, CT, Criminal Justice.
Centreville: Rebecca Bonner, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Alexis Liane Hernan, AA, General Studies; and Mark Anthony Schinault, CT, Criminal Justice.
Millington: Egonya Minus, CT, Criminal Justice.
Crisfield: Shelby M. Cullen, AA, Education; Julie Ann Evans, AS, Nursing; Nicolas Charles Fuller, AAS, Criminal Justice; Ashley F. Gilson, AA, Education; Glenn David Gromel, CT, Criminal Justice; Gage David Hager, AAS, Criminal Justice; Michelle A. Killmon, CT, Criminal Justice; Timothy Kulp, CT, Criminal Justice; Alexander Joseph Mekovsky, AA, General Studies; and Noah D. Soukup, AAS, Criminal Justice.
Dames Quarter: Heather C. Ford, AA, General Studies; and Alison N. Shores, AAT, Education.
Deal Island: John Joseph Bourne, CT, Criminal Justice.
Eden: Vincent Joseph Theodore Boccio, AA, Computer Studies.
Marion Station: Madison Marie Marsh, AAS, Criminal Justice; Cassidy E. Marshall, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Tyler A. Sullivan, CT, Criminal Justice; and Joy L. Tyler, CT, Criminal Justice.
Princess Anne: Lisa Anne Ballard, AAS, Education; Sherrell L. Bivens, CT, Criminal Justice; Tisha D. Bivens, CT, Criminal Justice; Caleb J. Foster, CT, Criminal Justice; Stacy J. Grant, CT, Criminal Justice; Carley Lynn Graves, AAS, Business; Kendra L. Hitch, CT, Criminal Justice; Andrew Horsey, CT, Criminal Justice; Chanel D. Hunter, CT, Criminal Justice; Jalisa Nichole Jones, AA, General Studies; Aidan Nelms, AA, General Studies; Raelynne N. Nesmith, AA, General Studies; Dustin Newsom, CT, Criminal Justice; Tia Michele Polk, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Kironde Pride, AAS, Criminal Justice; Haley Snyder, AA, General Studies; Love Tegoe, CT, Criminal Justice; Sium A. Tsigehet, AAS, Computer Studies; Katrina M. Walston, AA, General Studies; and Karen Wells, CT, Criminal Justice.
Westover: Mikayla Claire Roach, AA, General Studies.
Bethel: Mary Jo R. McCarthy, AA, General Studies.
Delmar: Alexis Vickers Layton, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Melody Ann McIntyre, CT, Criminal Justice; and Ted Taylor, CT, Criminal Justice.
Fenwick Island: Sedona C. Pennypacker, AS, Nursing.
Frankford: Ionna Annette Minto, CT, Nursing; and Emily Murray, AAS, Radiologic Technology.
Georgetown: Joseph A. Seidel, AA, Computer Studies.
Laurel: Nicholas Snead, CT, Criminal Justice; and DeLisa L. Strand, CT, Criminal Justice.
Lewes: Ryan C. Petrone, AAS, Emergency Medical Services.
Lincoln: Jessica Lewis, CT, Criminal Justice.
Milton: Jermaine Willis, CT, Criminal Justice.
Ocean View: Dolores Domingo Lopez, CT, Nursing; and Chase Meadows, CT, Criminal Justice.
Seaford: Shelbi Bosley, CT, Criminal Justice.
Selbyville: Michael James Yandle, CT, Emergency Medical Services.
Easton: Logan Davis Daniels, CT, Criminal Justice; Scott Edward Finch Jr., CT, Criminal Justice; Emily Hock, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Sydney D. Terry, CT, Nursing; and Colin David Webb, CT, Criminal Justice.
Trappe: Blair Bennington Barstar, CT, Criminal Justice; and Alexis H. Robbins, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant.
Delmar: Joshua Joyner, AAS, Emergency Medical Services; Kaitlynn M. Malone, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Rachel M. Schmitt, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Sammy L. Schroeder, CT, Criminal Justice; Julie Smith, AS, Nursing; and Nancy Ellen Trivits, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant.
Eden: Cynthia A. Maxfield, AA, General Studies; and Justine M. Mumford, AAS, Emergency Medical Services.
Fruitland: Sonia Arce, AA, General Studies; Violet E. Davis, AAT, Education; Tyler J. Harrington, AA, Business; Jerome E. Jones, CT, Criminal Justice; Vivienne Suzanne Hall Mann, AS, Nursing; Barry Lee Outten, CT, Nursing; and Nicholas T. Stanley, AA, General Studies.
Hebron: Dora Kathrine Ashby, AA, Business; Amber K. Bennett, CT, Nursing; Garrett Caldwell, AAS, Criminal Justice; Taylor E. Coulbourne, AA, General Studies; Savannah L. Hall, AA, Business; Carys M. Hazel, AA, General Studies; Joseph Hubbard, CT, Criminal Justice; Rebecca S. Lappin, CT, Nursing; Katherine Rease Maloney, AA, Education; Michael K. McIntyre, AAS, Criminal Justice; Shelby B. Melton, CT, Nursing; Jack S. Palmer, AS, Nursing; Kayla M. Phippin, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Markel Roberts, CT, Criminal Justice; Kathleen Rebecca Ross, AA, General Studies; and Claire D. Wright, AA, General Studies.
Mardela Springs: Alexis S. Cottman, AAT, Education; Logan Xavier Marvel, AA, Computer Studies; John Snider, AA, General Studies; and Abrionna Jasmine White, CT, Nursing.
Nanticoke: Victoria Lynn Marshall, AS, Nursing.
Parsonsburg: Kendall L. Beauchamp, AS, STEM; Sierra H. Hixon, AA, General Studies; Ryan M. Osowiecki, CT, Criminal Justice; and Ellen L. Perdue, AA, Education.
Pittsville: Ryne James Leslie, AA, General Studies; Lynnie Louise Lewis, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; and Lia M. Molnar, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.
Salisbury: Chyna Emya Nazay Adams, AA, General Studies; Holly J. Adrion, AS, Nursing; Faruq N. Al-Smadi, AA, General Studies; Rita Asaah Ampofo, CT, Criminal Justice; Moses Khaled Ansari, AA, General Studies; Cordont'e Antonio Ayres, CT, Criminal Justice; Nadir Bakari, CT, Criminal Justice; Mackenzie T. Baker, AA, General Studies; Dawn L. Banta-Kerr, AA, General Studies; Cameron A. Barnes, AAS, Computer Studies; Jessica M. Bierman, AAS, Business; Mary Claire Bohlen, AAT, Education; Angelique J. Bonner, AA, General Studies; Shannon J. Bradshaw, AS, Nursing; Chelsea Briele, AA, General Studies; Anita L. Brown, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Theodore James Burgee Jr., AA, Computer Studies; Brianna B. Butler, AA, General Studies; Robert Caudill, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Nathan C. Chisum, CT, Criminal Justice; Danielle Clarkson, AAT, Education; Stacy M. Commissaris, AA, General Studies; Amber Leigh Cooper, AA, General Studies; Chaplain Cooper, CT, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Elaine Copeland, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Kristin B. Crawford, AA, General Studies; Sophonie Denasty, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Kelly Ann DiNapoli, AS, STEM; Russell T. Douglass, AA, General Studies; Michael C. Duncan, CT, Criminal Justice; Wyatt Arthur Duncan, AA, General Studies; Brandy Niblett Eby, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Lois Elaine Edwards, AA, Education; Hannah L. Elliott, AS, Nursing; Ramy A. Elserag, AA, Business; Gerald Elston Jr., AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Asiha Clairice Evans, AA, General Studies; Tamara S. Floyd, CT, Criminal Justice; Gabrielle E. Foor, CT, Criminal Justice; Hailey Nicole Ford, CT, Nursing; Sarah N. Forrest, CT, Office Technology; Archelie E. Frejuste, AA, General Studies; Austin E. Garcia, AA, General Studies; Geoffrey Gibbs Sr., CT, Criminal Justice; Da'jah M. Godwin-Purnell, CT, Criminal Justice; Julie Kathryne Gravenor, AA, Business; Gemina Greene, AA, Business; Daphne M. Griffin, CT, Criminal Justice; Carli Janae Hager, CT, Nursing; Brendy Christine Hairston, AA, General Studies; Ryan Hall, CT, Criminal Justice; Taylor R. Hartman, CT, Criminal Justice; Shaketta M. Hayes, AA, General Studies; Tess Hendricks, AS, Nursing; Grassmond Henris, CT, Criminal Justice; Ashley L. Higbee, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Jeremy Hoeferkamp, CT, Nursing; Tashaila Janey Holland, CT, Criminal Justice; Xamyr Hudgins, AA, Business; Abby P. Husfelt, AS, Nursing; Renee A. Jackson, AAS, Education; Daphne F. James, CT, Criminal Justice; Shanae L. Jefferson, CT, Nursing; Joyce Ann Jenkins, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Nathan A. Johnson, AAS, Computer Studies; Courtney N. Jones, AA, General Studies; Kayla K. Jones, AA, General Studies; Widmy Joseph, AA, General Studies; Kayla M. Keen, AS, Nursing; Shisha T. Kellam, CT, Criminal Justice; Elora Hope Kermisch, AA, General Studies; Maheen Khan, AAS, Office Technology; Juchan Kim, AS, Nursing; Aimee King, AA, General Studies; Jenna Denise Kirk, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Tobias Chase Kuykendall, AA, General Studies; Megan LeCates, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Jude Alexander Maggitti, AA, Computer Studies; Warren J. Mallick, CT, Criminal Justice; Jayra Andrea M. Manuel, AS, Nursing; Makaela M. Mason, AA, General Studies; Steven Christopher Maupin, AS, Nursing; Garrett James McKelvey, AA, Computer Studies; Danielle M. McKenzie, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Andrew Thomas Menning, CT, Criminal Justice; Angel N. Merrill, AS, Nursing; Fatma Meyer, AA, Business; Makailaa R. Morris, AS, Nursing; Katelyn M. Muir, AS, Nursing; Charles E. O'Neal, CT, Criminal Justice; Eboni Parker, AA, General Studies; Bethany Joy Parks, AA, General Studies; Kye E. Parsons, CT, Nursing; Rachel E. Perkins, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Lisa Phillips, AAS, Education; Starguencia Pierre, AA, Business; Monica S. Polk, CT, Criminal Justice; Emily Maira Porciello, AA, General Studies; Darrell T. Powell, CT, Criminal Justice; Sharnae F. Price, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Shontel Y. Purnell, AAT, Education; Kamlesh R. Purohit, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Janae L. Reavis, CT, Criminal Justice; James M. Reich, AS, Nursing; Karlie M. Reichenberg, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Anai Reynoso-Soto, AA, General Studies; Chelsea Rich, CT, Nursing; Dylan Robert Ross, AAS, Business; Nahomie Saint Rival, CT, Criminal Justice; Elijah L. Sample, AAS, Business; Kameka T. Sampson, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Melanie Sanchez Leyva, AA, General Studies; Michelle D. Satchell, CT, Criminal Justice; Aliyah A. Savage, AA, General Studies; Jessica A. Schultz, AS, Nursing; Avery G. Sheridan, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Abigail E. Shockley, AA, General Studies; Scott A. Shubert, CT, Criminal Justice; Amari Nyah Silva, AAS, Education; Benjamin Nathan Smith, AA, Business; Courtnee C. Smith, AA, General Studies; Shamara S. Smith, CT, Nursing; Benjamin Sperry, AAS, Criminal Justice; Katherine M. Stancil-Ervin, CT, Nursing; Candace E. Strand, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Lucas C. Sun, AA, General Studies; Daniel Swain, AAS, Computer Studies; Alexis R. Tatum, CT, Nursing; Markeeta Y. Taylor, CT, Criminal Justice; Van Oneil Taylor, CT, Criminal Justice; Rebecca Marie Thomas, AA, General Studies; Samantha Renee Thornton, CT, Nursing; John Christian Todd, AS, STEM; Zachary T. Towns, CT, Criminal Justice; Garrett W. Townsend, AA, General Studies; Camryn Leigh Tracy, AA, Education; Chastity Trader, AAS, Business; Kyle Wainwright, AAS, Computer Studies; Kerrick J. Walsh, CT, Criminal Justice; Juanita R. Waters, CT, Criminal Justice; Amber La'Nae Watson, AS, Nursing; Sydney Lynn Welch, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Mallorie Janelle Whipps, CT, Criminal Justice; Erika M. White, CT, Criminal Justice; Monae' Sharee' White, AA, General Studies; Noah Michael Tracey White, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Keania N. Wills, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling.
Sharptown: Krystal Anne Colon, AA, General Studies; Nathaniel D. Umsted, AS, STEM; Chloe M. Welch, AA, General Studies; and Dylan Todd Williams, AA, Computer Studies.
Willards: Samantha M. Bowden, AS, Nursing; Carrie L. Boyce, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; and Timothy Dean Thompson, AA, General Studies.
Berlin: Terri Adkins, AAT, Education; Jurgita Blake, AS, Nursing; Gabriel L. Bradley, AA, General Studies; Nicholas Burak, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Gavin Bussard, CT, Criminal Justice; Dinongu Chilengi, AAS, Business; Zachary Thomas Conway, AA, General Studies; Christopher David Cooke, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Gionna M. DePasquale, CT, Nursing; Robert Marshall Dixon, CT, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Hannah Rose FauntLeRoy, AS, Nursing; Allison P. Hunter, AA, Business; Allison Marie Johnston, AA, General Studies; Amanda Kimball, AA, General Studies; Sophia Victoria Kokkinos, AAT, Education; Christine M. Komlos, CT, Nursing; Michele L. Lewis, AAS, Business; Albert M. Linamen, CT, Criminal Justice; Conor Samuel Perry, AA, Business; Brianna Romersa, AAT, Education; Michael O. Sidell, AA, Business; Alivia Frances Spagnola, AS, Nursing; Thomas R. Stoltzfus, CT, Criminal Justice; Madison L. Thumma, AAS, Radiologic Technology; and Michael T. Todd, AAS, Education.
Bishopville: Jamie L. Walsh, AS, Nursing.
Girdletree: Victoria N. Makuchal, AA, General Studies.
Newark: Lauren E. Lewis, AS, Nursing; and Mohammad Humayun Nawaz, AAS, Criminal Justice.
Ocean City: Jillian B. Alascio, AS, Nursing; Joya Canfield, AS, Nursing; Shelby Lynne Evans, AA, General Studies; Jayna L. Griffith, AA, General Studies; Rachel L. Hreshko, AA, General Studies; Nolan W. Kilchenstein, CT, Criminal Justice; Devon R. Kramer, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Jessica S. Lavelle, AAS, Physical Therapist Assistant; Miranda A. Luby, CT, Nursing; Kevin A. Murillo, CT, Criminal Justice; Matthew J. Porada, CT, Criminal Justice; Jenna L. Radford, AS, Nursing; Samuel Edward Rakowski, AA, Business; Brenda Bernice Smith, CT, Nursing; Daniel Frank Stepcic, AA, General Studies; and Hailey Alexandra Turk, AA, General Studies.
Pocomoke City: Patrick L. Giordano, AA, General Studies; Gary E. Hillard, AA, Computer Studies; Kiera Jubilee, AA, Business; Latashia Antonett Kellam, CT, Criminal Justice; Kacy D. Lynch, AAS, Office Technology, CT, Business; Logan J. Marsh, AA, General Studies; Stacey M. Morton, CT, Criminal Justice; and Toi Stewart, CT, Nursing.
Snow Hill: Connor Bauer, CT, Criminal Justice; Miranda Desiree Carter, AAS, Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management; Amber E. Dale, CT, Criminal Justice; Teasia P. Duncan, CT, Criminal Justice; Kristen Nicole Elzey, AAS, Occupational Therapy Assistant; Drew Elizabeth Harper, AS, Nursing; Eric Hunter, AA, Business; Yasmine R. Jenkins, AAS, Criminal Justice; Nikolas B. Johnson, AA, General Studies; Tiffany R. Mills, AAS, Chemical Dependency Counseling; Kayla Nicole Purnell, AAS, Criminal Justice; and Samantha L. P. Stewart, CT, Education.
Stockton: Skyler Lee Atkinson, AA, General Studies; Christina Burkhead, AAS, Radiologic Technology; Rachael M. Northam, CT, Criminal Justice; and Brock A. Payne, AS, STEM.
Whaleyville: Jane Claire Failla, AS, Nursing.
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