Enrollment Coaching

Every good athlete needs a coach! Being successful as a student requires coaching too.

We want you to be successful! To help you get the best start possible, we require new students to meet with an enrollment coach. Your enrollment coach will review and discuss your career choice, discuss whether credit or non-credit education is the best fit for you, discuss financial assistance options, determine if you have to take a placement test and help you in any way to ensure your success.

After submitting your admissions application, you will receive an e-mail with welcome information. To make an appointment with an enrollment coach, please use the link to the online scheduling system that is found in the welcome e-mail. Should you have any questions prior to your enrollment coaching appointment, please call 410-334-2895 or e-mail us at enrollmentcoach@worwic.edu. Remember, you must meet with an enrollment coach before taking the next steps in the enrollment process and before you are allowed to register for classes.

Students often have questions about their meeting with an enrollment coach. Review our FAQs below for the answers you need.

Frequently Asked Questions - Enrollment Coaching

Who must meet with an enrollment coach?

All new and visiting students must meet with an enrollment coach. 

Do I have to make an appointment to see an enrollment coach?

Yes, an appointment is required for your enrollment coaching session so your enrollment coach can prepare in advance to meet your particular needs.

Do I have to attend my enrollment coaching session in person?

We highly recommend that you meet with your enrollment coach in-person. However, appointments are also available online.

How long will my enrollment coaching session last?

Enrollment coaching sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes. Depending on your situation the enrollment coach may ask you to meet with others (e.g., a financial aid advisor) immediately after your meeting.

What should I do before I meet with an enrollment coach?

In preparation for your meeting, you must: 

  • Review the Welcome Packet you received by e-mail after your application was submitted
  • Complete the Career Assessment
  • Send in advance or bring to the enrollment coaching meeting a copy of your high school/college transcripts and test scores (ACT, GED, SAT, etc.)
In addition, you should consider the following in advance of your meeting:
  • Explore payment options on our Pay For College page
  • Think about what career choice is right for you, and which academic program(s) or training interests you
  • Questions you have about registration, beginning college and resources that you may need to help you succeed
What will happen during my enrollment coaching meeting?

Your enrollment coach is meeting with you to get you ready for success in college.

The career assessment and your choice of a learning pathway on the application will be reviewed by the coach and discussed with you to determine what degree, program or courses align with your career goals.  Financial assistance will be discussed, and the enrollment coach will make sure that you are headed in the right direction to successfully complete your financial assistance application and provide documentation if required.  The enrollment coach will also review your high school/college transcripts as well as your test scores to determine what type of placement test (if any) you need to take before you meet with an academic advisor. Finally, the enrollment coach will help you schedule your placement testing and complete the registration process.

What happens after my enrollment coaching meeting is finished?

After your enrollment coaching session, your enrollment coach may ask you to meet other Wor-Wic team members to help you prepare for your next steps. You may need to meet with a financial aid advisor to discuss important details about applying for financial aid. If your enrollment coach and you determine that courses in our Continuing Education and Workforce Development (CEWD) division are a better fit for your career goals, your coach will connect you with someone in CEWD that can help you.

The next step for most students will be preparing for a placement test and then meeting with your academic advisor. Your enrollment coach will also give you instructions on how to complete the required online new student orientation.