Non-Credit Tuition & Fees

Find out how much our non-credit courses cost, and what kinds of fees you can expect.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees for non-credit courses are listed after each course description in the continuing education and workforce development class schedule. You will need to add the tuition and fees for the course, plus the residency fee below, to get your total course cost.  For some courses you will also need to pay for books.

Residency Fees

For each course you take, you may have a residency fee that will be added to your total cost.  If you're a Wicomico, Worcester or Somerset County resident - there's no extra fee!  Please see the cost below for those that don't reside in our service area.

The college reserves the right to change tuition and fees without prior notice.

Residency Requirements

Residency is complicated.  We follow the legal requirements for determining residency that are mandated by Maryland law.  To find out more about how we determine your residency, learn more below.  

Determine Your Residency


Tuition (not including fees) is waived for Maryland residents who meet the eligibility requirements for one of the following waivers:

  • Senior Citizens
  • Social Security or Civil Service Disability Retirees

Find out more about the eligibility requirements for tuition waivers.

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Paying for Non-Credit Courses