Child Care

Want to change the world? Prepare for a career in child care and make a daily impact on local children.

Education, experience and other licensing requirements are required if you want a rewarding career caring for and educating children. Wor-Wic is your child care training resource -- whether you are starting your career or need the continuing education required to meet licensing requirements.
We offer several courses to meet your needs, including:
Child Care I: Growth and Development
50 hours of training to help young children develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills.
Child Care II: Activities and Curriculum
50 hours of training to help identify and develop lesson plans and activities that are developmentally appropriate for children from birth to school age.
Communication Skills for Child Care Professionals
Strengthen essential speaking and writing skills used for building positive interpersonal relationships with parents, co-workers and the community.
Infant and Toddler Care
Explore the unique stages of development in very young children as you examine the area of infant and toddler care in family and group settings.
School-Age Group Child Care
Covers concepts and skills needed to work with school-age children and to promote their optimum development.
Child Care Center Management
Covers the concepts and skills needed for child care providers who are interested in the business management side of child care.

Other courses required by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), including "Family Child Care Pre-Service," "Supporting Breastfeeding" and "Including All Children & the ADA" can be taken through Wor-Wic online.
The chart below indicates courses required by MSDE for child care providers, teachers and child care center directors.

Pre-Qualification Child Care Provider Infant & Toddler Teacher (0-2) Preschool Teacher (2-5) School Age Teacher (5-12) Child Care Director
Child Care I - Growth & Development (50 hrs.)   X X X X
Child Care II - Activities & Curriculum (50 hrs.)   X* X X* X
Communication Skills for Child Care Professionals (9 hrs.) or one academic college course taken for credit.   X** X** X** X**
Infant & Toddler Care or equivalent online course (45 hrs.)   X     X***
School Age Group Child Care or an equivalent online course (45 hrs.)       X  
Center Management or an equivalent online course (45 hrs.)         X
Family Child Care Pre-Service (24 hrs.) X        
Supporting Breastfeeding (3 hrs.) X X     X***
Including All Children & the ADA (3 hrs.) X X X X X

* Optional
** Can be met through the successful completion of at least one academic college course taken for credit
*** Required for directors of centers approved for the care of children from birth to age 2

Other child care continuing education courses are offered by Wor-Wic both on campus and online, so check our Continuing Education & Workforce Development schedules throughout the year.