Hospitality & Culinary

Discover your inner chef, learn how to tend bar, become certified in food safety or start a career as a certified pool operator.

Our campus is in the heart of Maryland's busiest tourist destination. You can enhance your culinary skills for employment or just for fun, start a career as a bartender or pool operator or gain the certifications you need to become part of the hospitality industry. 


Culinary Skills

Impress your friends and family or gain the skills you need to work in a restaurant. We offer courses such as "Classic Italian Desserts," "French and Italian Breads," "Soups and Stews Around the World," "Holiday Pies and Tarts" and many more.

Bartending & Mixology

The bars and restaurants on the Lower Eastern Shore are always looking for bartenders. Gain fundamental bartending skills, including product knowledge, beverage basics and creative beverage service, bar organization, selling and service, and more. Take our alcohol awareness course to meet the Maryland requirements for bartender training.

Pool Operator

Pool managers, lifeguards and property maintenance personnel are in demand in tourist destinations and retirement communities on the Lower Eastern Shore. Take our "Certified Pool Operators Course" and earn your pool and spa operator certification from your county environmental health department.

ServSafe Certification

ServSafe certification is the safety standard for food service professionals. Our courses lead to a National Restaurant Association (NRA) employee food handler certificate or ServSafe manager’s certification.

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