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Welding, Machining & Metal Fabrication

Our welding, machining and metal fabrication courses prepare you for entry into a high-demand career in manufacturing, construction, energy production and many other industries.


Median Hourly Earnings

503 Annual Job Openings projected through 2027
All wage and employment data is specific to the region and
taken from EMSI July 2023. Your starting salary may vary.

If you want a career in welding, machining or metal fabrication, Wor-Wic offers short-term courses that can get you trained quickly and into a job. And you might be able to train for free!

Free Welding, Machining & Metal Fabrication Training

The free 352-hour welding course will give you the skills you need to get a job in the welding industry and earn up to 12 welding qualifications. Our partners include Quality Staffing Services, the Lower Shore Workforce Alliance and local businesses.

The free 228-hour machining and metal fabrication course will give you the entry level skills needed to get a job in the machining and/or metal fabrication industries. You will learn how to use different machines and read blueprints; plus learn, practice and apply industry math and A.I.S.C. proper fitting for a variety of metal shapes. The training also includes OSHA certifications and a primer on welding. Our partners include Quality Staffing Services, the Lower Shore Workforce Alliance and local businesses.

Both trainings are funded by the EARN Maryland Grant Program, administered by the Maryland Department of Labor. Please note that students must provide personal protective equipment at an estimated cost of $100+.

To apply for this free training, call Quality Staffing Services at 410-742-2600 or visit their website ( today!

Free Advanced Welding: 6G Pipe Training

Free 80-hour pipe welding course for welders with at least two years of experience. This will give you the skills you need to advance your career in the welding industry. Prepare to pass a destructive bend test and 6G ASME Section IX pipe welding test with stick and/or TIG.
This training is funded by the MD Works for Wind Grant through the MD Department of Labor and US Department of Commerce. 

For program specific information, contact Dr. Rhonda W. Banks at or call 410-334-2867. For application questions, contact Quality Staffing Services at 410-742-2600.


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