Veterinary Assistant

Love animals? Learn how to assist veterinarians and get started in the fast-growing field of veterinary medicine.

Millions of Americans spend lots of money tending to and caring for their pets, so it's no surprise that veterinary medicine is a fast-growing field. Veterinarians don't work on their own -- they need skilled professionals who can assist in the delivery of high quality pet care. 

Wor-Wic offers veterinary assistant training that can get you started with a new career in less than eight months. The training includes an online veterinary assistant training course and a 50-hour veterinary assistant clinical practicum. During the practicum, you will work in a local veterinary practice learning office procedures, participating in examination room procedures and assisting with surgical procedures. You will also learn how to clean and disinfect cages and work areas, sterilize laboratory and surgical equipment, provide routine post-operative care and administer medication orally or topically.