You did it! Here's everything you need to know to graduate and enjoy the big day.

The Ceremony
Date: May 11, 2022
Location – Wicomico Youth and Civic Center
Commencement begins promptly at 7:00 p.m.

You worked hard to complete your certificate or degree, and now it's time to recognize your accomplishments.   Students who want to participate in the Commencement ceremony must complete an application for graduation. Students are eligible to participate if they have completed the requirements for their degree or certificate at the end of the prior fall semester or if they are completing the requirements for their degree or certificate at the end of the spring semester.

Students completing a program in the summer can also participate in Commencement if they have nine credits or less remaining, they have registered for their remaining course work and they have met all other graduation requirements prior to the ceremony. It is recommended that students meet with their academic advisor to conduct a degree audit to determine graduation eligibility.

RSVP Required

Due to social distancing, all graduates must RSVP to participate in the commencement ceremony no later than Friday, April 29, 2022. Your RSVP guarantees you a seat and gains you admission to the ceremony. Please RSVP to Camesha Handy at

Steps to Prepare for Commencement
Graduating with an Associates Degree:
  1. Complete the Application for Graduation online through the For assistance, please read Applying for Graduation through Self-Service.
  2. Have at least 60 credit hours with a “C” (2.00) grade point average or better.
  3. Have a minimum of 15 credits completed at Wor-Wic.
  4. Have at least 18 credits in general education courses for an associate of applied science degree and 28 credits for an associate of arts, associate of science degree or associate of arts in teaching.
  5. Have at least 24 credits directly related to the occupation in vocational and technical programs.
  6. Complete the general education competency assessment (unless exempt). Register for the General Education Assessment online.
  7. Resolve all financial obligations to the college
Graduating with a Certificate of Proficiency:
  1. Complete the Application for Graduation online through the For assistance, please read Applying for Graduation through Self-Service.
  2. Complete the specific program requirements.
  3. Earn a “C” (2.00) grade point average or better.
  4. Have a minimum of 25 percent of the required courses completed at Wor-Wic.

* All Certificates and Degrees will be mailed approximately eight weeks following Commencement.

  1. All graduates must wear academic apparel which consists of: the mortarboard (cap), gown, and tassel. Students may also wear any honor apparel such as an honor cord or stole. 
  2. Academic apparel may be purchased from the campus bookstore. Due to the limited number of people who may access the store at the same time, contacting the bookstore manager is highly recommended. You may submit an email to
  3. Veterans and military graduates: The applicable military stole (USA, USMC, USN, USAF, USCG) can be obtained from Fred Howard in veterans services by emailing him at
  4. Phi Theta Kappa graduates can wear honor regalia in addition to a cap and gown. Members should contact Dr. Dana Burnside at
The following is an example of appropriate clothing to wear with your academic apparel:
  1. Men: solid color dress shirts, dark neckties, dark trousers, black shoes and socks.
  2. Women: skirt or dress with comfortable dress shoes. Stilettos are not recommended.
The following should not be worn:
  1. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, flip flops, costume jewelry, corsages or political symbols.

Personal Items

Please leave all personal items (cell phones, purses, bouquets, etc.) with a trusted family member or friend. There are no storage areas available and Wor-Wic personnel cannot hold personal items.

Announcements & Commencement Packet

Commencement packets will be distributed Monday, April 25, 2022 through Friday, April 29, 2022. Commencement packets include graduation announcements to share with friends and family as well as other information you will need before the ceremony.  Graduates will be able to obtain their commencement packet from 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. in the Hazel Center Lobby. A valid form of ID is required.


Graduates will be allowed to have six guests attend the commencement ceremony. Everyone over the age of two years old must have a ticket. Each graduating student who indicates that they are planning to participate will receive six tickets to provide to their guests. The guests must surrender their tickets upon their arrival. Due to social distancing protocol, all guests will be escorted to their seats. Seating is on an arranged first-come, first-served basis. Staff will make every effort to seat the graduate's six guests together, but this cannot be guaranteed. Guests will be seated as they arrive at the venue and guests must be seated no later than 6:30 p.m. ADA seating will be available for guests and graduates. ADA seating must be arranged in advance. Students should contact Karen Mohler, academic and disabilities counselor, at to arrange this.

Commencement Decorum
  1. While a spirit of joy and enthusiasm is encouraged, commencement is a formal academic event. Students and guests are expected to maintain a measure of decorum consistent with the stately nature of commencement.
  2. The ceremony will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  3. Graduates are expected to return to their seats after receiving their diploma cover and to remain seated for the rest of the program. Graduates will not be permitted to leave after they’ve received their diplomas. Guests are expected to remain seated for the entire ceremony and refrain from leaving their seats to take pictures or to talk to the graduates.
  4. Students and guests who elect to participate are expected to respect the rights of others and to observe the following guidelines:
    • Guests and students should comply with any requests made by Wor-Wic commencement volunteers and Civic Center event staff.
    • All electronic devices should be turned off.
    • Noise-makers, banners and posters are prohibited as are objects, such as balloons, flowers and stuffed animals, that would detract from the formality of the event. Participants and guests will not be allowed to bring these items into the venue.
    • All aisles must remain clear throughout the ceremony.
    • Applause should be held until all students have received their diplomas. Names will be read quickly, and it is important that every family hear their graduate’s name.
    • Neither Wor-Wic nor the Civic Center will be held liable if a child is injured because of inappropriate or disruptive behavior including, but not limited to, running and jumping.
    • All graduates are requested to refrain from inappropriately celebrating (e.g., dancing, calling out the names of others, loud, offensive noises and gestures) during the ceremony.
    • Candidates should NOT have personal belongings in their possession during the ceremony. These items should be given to their guests. Wor-Wic will not be responsible for these items if they are lost, misplaced, stolen or broken.
    • All participants and guests are subject to the rules of the Civic Center. Graduates and/or their guests may be asked to leave the premises if inappropriate behavior is displayed.
Ceremony Photography

A professional photographer will take a souvenir photo of the graduate. Graduates will receive a link to preview their picture and an order form within one week following the ceremony. Graduates should direct their questions regarding photography to the photographer’s email address or phone number. Guests are not permitted to come out of the stands to take pictures of their graduate, to block the aisles, or come down into the audience or walkway of the graduates to take pictures. If this occurs, they will be promptly asked to return to their seats.


Everyone attending the commencement ceremony is required to wear a facial covering, covering both the mouth and nose, at all times while inside the venue. Everyone will be screened and asked to sign a waiver prior to gaining entrance to the venue. Anyone who has a fever or does not pass the COVID-19 screening will not be allowed to participate.

Contact Us Camesha Handy Director of Student Engagement 410-334-2892