Food Pantry & Community Garden

It's hard to study when you're hungry. Our food pantry and community garden meet the food insecurity needs of our students.

In 2017 Wor-Wic created the Food for Students initiative to help combat food insecurity among our students.  Studies indicate that 66% of community college students experience some form of insecurity, and this can impact their ability to focus on their studies. 

Food Pantry

The Wor-Wic Campus Food Pantry is located in the Hazel Center, Room 301, and hours vary each semester. Through its partnership with the Maryland Food Bank, the generosity of the community, and our students and employees, Wor-Wic provides each interested student with enough food for three days of meals twice each month.  

Several times a year, Wor-Wic conducts student-led food drives to replenish the pantry, bringing awareness to food insecurity on campus and encouraging volunteerism. Faculty, staff and student volunteers operate the food pantry.

Community Garden

Our Community Garden is the primary source of produce for the Campus Food Pantry. Located in the courtyard between the Hazel Center and the Jordan Center, more than 200 square feet of space has been dedicated to this initiative. Up to twenty different types of produce are grown in the garden including lettuce, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, radishes and kale. Devoted faculty, staff and student volunteers weekly maintain and harvest the garden.

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