English for Speakers of Other Languages

We value diversity and are committed to helping you succeed, even if English is not your primary language.

  1. Placement testing is available to all English language learners. Those who have not attended a U.S. high school or college for at least 10 years must complete all three sections of the Accuplacer ESL assessment: reading skills, sentence meaning and language use.
  2. Students may retest in any or all sections after a wait of at least 24 hours.
  3. A second retest is permitted 30 days after the first retest.
  4. Students who do not test out of ESOL courses on the second retest are encouraged to enroll in the ESOL courses offered by our Continuing Education and Workforce Development department.
  5. A third and final retest may be attempted after one full spring or fall semester has elapsed since the second retest.
Note: After two years have passed since the last testing attempt, students must retest in any areas where ESOL coursework was recommended and not attempted.
Resources to help you practice for tests:

Additional support and resources are available through continuing education and workforce development.