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Third-Party Billed Tuition & Fees

Does your employer provide tuition reimbursement or professional development funds to help you strengthen your skills and boost your career?

Are you receiving funds from another agency to help you pay for your training?

Advanced Payment

If a third-party (such as your employer) is paying your tuition, advanced payment of tuition and fees by company check is welcome at the time of registration.

Direct Bill

The college can direct bill a company if the company mails, faxes or emails a purchase order or letter of authorization addressed to the cashier (for credit courses) or the continuing education and workforce development division (for non-credit courses). For non-credit courses, the registration form must accompany the purchase order or letter of authorization.

A purchase order or letter of authorization (written on company letterhead) must include:

  • Student’s name
  • Student college ID number (for credit students)
  • Course number
  • Course title
  • Total amount of the student’s tuition and fees
  • The company’s billing address
  • The signature of the person authorizing payment

If the third party refuses to pay after receiving an invoice, the student is responsible for the payment. Invoices reflect the prorated balance due, when appropriate. The college does not bill in order to reimburse students who have paid their own tuition. Under the Federal Right to Privacy Act (FERPA), the college cannot disclose any student information without written consent from the student.

Upon receipt of your registration form, and payment or purchase order/authorization letter, the course refund and withdrawal policies apply.

Third-Party Tuition Assistance for Books and/or Supplies

Since the college bookstore is an independent entity, a separate letter is required if the third party is guaranteeing payment for books and/or supplies.