The Wor-Wic Foundation supports our educational activities and provides scholarship assistance for our students.

Foundation Executive Committee
  • Jason Parker Chairperson
  • Kelley M. Selph Vice Chairperson
  • Phyllis A. Vinyard Secretary
  • Bill Shockley Treasurer
Board of Directors
Marcus Beal, Salisbury
Allen Brown, Salisbury
Stacie Dees, Fruitland
Dr. Brian Desaulniers, Princess Anne
Al "Hondo" Handy, Berlin
Stacey Hart, Snow Hill
Mike Marshall, Salisbury
Margy Meeks, Salisbury
Thelma Orr, Salisbury
Matt Powell, Berlin
Kimberly Roemer, Salisbury
Ex Officio Members
Dr. Deborah Casey, president
Stefanie K. Rider, executive director of the foundation and director of development
Contact Us Stefanie Rider Executive Director of the Foundation and Director of Development 410-334-2808