Our experienced leadership team is committed to educational excellence.

Wor-Wic’s leadership structure incorporates shared governance promoting input and decision-making from all parts of the campus. In addition to the president’s staff that includes the president and vice presidents, a college council meets once per month during the academic year to discuss issues impacting the college and approve policy changes. The college also has councils for its different types of employees including administrative, faculty and support staff councils.

President and Vice Presidents


College Council 2019-2020

Last Name First Name Position
Baker Ruth Dean of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Berkheimer Karen Senior Director of Human Resources
Birman Dr. Julio Director of Assessment
Dallam Dr. Colleen Dean of General Education
Hales Jessica Director of Development and Executive Director of the Foundation (Administrative Council Representative)
Gill Ruth Senior Director of Information Technology
Grey Gregory Senior Director of Facilities Management
Hoy Dr. Ray President
Mallory Dr. Kristin VP for Academic Affairs
McCormick Dr. Reenie VP for Institutional Affairs
Menzel Carol Director of Institutional Research and Planning
Messatzzia Dr. Ryan Associate Professor of Social Science (Faculty Council Representative)
Newton Dr. Bryan VP for Enrollment Management and Student Services
Sandt Jennifer VP for Administrative Services
Shockley Parshall Administrative Associate III, Occupational and Emerging Technologies (Support Staff Council Representative)
Silberquit Paul Dean of Occupational Education
Solembrino Dr. Karie Dean of Health Professions
Stephens Gavin SGA President
Woolford Dr. Dornell Evening & Weekend Administrator

Faculty, Administrative and Support Staff Councils 2019-2020

  • Faculty Council Chair - Dr. Ryan Messatzzia, Associate Professor of Social Science
  • Administrative Council Chair - Jessica Hales, Director of Development and Executive Director of the Foundation
  • Support Staff Council Chair - Parshall Shockley, Administrative Associate III, Occupational and Emerging Technologies