Trustees and Sponsors

Our board of trustees governs the college and local government sponsors approve county funding.

Board of Trustees

Name Position Current Board Term
Russell W. Blake Chairperson 2017-2023
Kimberly C. Gillis Vice Chairperson 2017-2023
Andrew W. Booth Trustee 2018-2024
Morgan Hazel Trustee 2014-2020
William H. Kerbin Trustee 2013-2019
Martin T. Neat Trustee 2017-2023
Lorraine Purnell-Ayres Trustee 2015-2021

Board of Trustees meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month and normally begin at 12:30 p.m.

View the current Board of Trustees Agenda

The board recognizes the right of the public to information concerning all of its actions and policies. Copies of the agenda and attachments for regular and special meetings are furnished to all interested individuals and organizations who make such a request to the president of the college. Requests are sent to the executive assistant to the president at 32000 Campus Drive, Salisbury, MD 21804.

The public can attend and observe any open meeting of the board of trustees. Except when public participation is invited or authorized by law, the public is not allowed to participate. The chairperson can remove anyone who disrupts or interferes with the session, requesting police assistance and calling a recess if necessary. Recording, photographing, videotaping, broadcasting or televising any open session is permitted as long as the equipment used does not disturb the board or others attending the session. The chairperson can also restrict the movement of anyone using such equipment if it is necessary to maintain order.

Requests for public comments to the board are made in writing to the office of the president at least 48 hours in advance of the regular monthly meeting or any special meeting of the board. Time for this purpose will be set aside near the end of the meeting and each speaker is limited to five minutes. The board of trustees reserves the right to establish further time limits at the beginning of any meeting.

Local Sponsors

Worcester County

Diana Purnell, President
Joe Mitrecic, Vice President
Chip Bertino
Jim Bunting
Bud Church
Ted Elder
Josh Nordstrom

Wicomico County

Bob Culver, County Executive
John Cannon, Council President
Larry Dodd, Council Vice President
Nicole Acle
Ernest Davis
Josh Hastings
Joe Holloway
Bill McCain