Student Success

Everything we do at Wor-Wic is geared to helping you succeed. Check out what our Student Success department can do for you.

College is tough, and along the way you will probably need some help to get you across the finish line.  Our Student Success department is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals.

Each semester we provide workshops and academic assistance opportunities to help you get the highest grade possible in your courses.  If you're not doing well mid-way through the semester, your instructor(s)will let us know so we can intervene and get you on a path to passing your courses.  

Take advantage of all the resources Wor-Wic offers to help you academically.  Utilize our math lab when you're struggling with mathematical problems, visit the reading and writing center when you need help with a writing assignment or get help from our top students in the tutoring center.  If you meet their eligibility requirements, our TRIO Student Support Services program is a great resource for intensive advising and academic assistance.
Contact Us Aaron Prebenda Director of Student Success 410-334-2993 MTC 103A