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Visitors To College Facilities

Learn about our safety and security policies.

Invited guests or visitors, including children under the age of 16, are not allowed to accompany employees or students to academic spaces, including classrooms, laboratories, resource centers, study areas or the fitness center, unless their attendance is part of an authorized activity or program of the college. For safety and liability reasons, invited guests or visitors are not permitted in areas where dangerous equipment or chemicals are used or stored, without prior authorization.

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Children are permitted to visit college offices, the café, bookstore or open spaces, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. The parent or guardian must also ensure that the children do not disrupt the educational or work environment. Children cannot be left unattended at any time. They also cannot be left in the care of another employee or student unless the child is attending an authorized activity or program of the college. In limited situations, children can visit an employee’s workspace during working hours for a brief amount of time with prior approval of the employee’s immediate supervisor.

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Parking Stickers
Credit student and employee drivers must properly display current parking stickers on the vehicles they park at the college each day. Student parking stickers are available at the college information desk. It is, however, the student’s responsibility to ensure that a sticker is obtained. Employee stickers are distributed by human resources.

Handicap Permits
Handicap permits can be obtained on a temporary basis through public safety for students with physical disabilities who lack state-issued license plates or hang tags. A physician’s written statement is required.

Parking/Traffic Violations
  • Parking on the grass, in an intersection or in a roadway
  • Parking in a walkway, crosswalk or in a yellow-curbed area
  • Parking over the line (marked boundary) of a parking space
  • Illegally parking in a handicap space
  • Illegally parking in a reserved or employee space
  • Parking in a loading zone or fire lane
  • Parking in front of a fire hydrant
  • Parking in area designated no parking at any time
  • Parking 48 consecutive hours in the same space
  • Blocking another vehicle
  • Disregarding one-way sign
  • Exceeding speed limit
  • Driving in an unsafe manner
  • Failure to stop at stop sign

Parking/traffic violations carry a $20 fine. Vehicles can be towed at the owner's expense for a parking/traffic violation at the discretion of the public safety officer who has issued the citation.

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Smoking/tobacco use, including smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes, is permitted on campus only in designated tobacco use or parking lot areas that are at least 25 feet from any building. Smoking/tobacco use is not permitted in the lot in front of Brunkhorst Hall (BH).

Verbal warnings can be delivered by public safety officers, as well other employees at the college. Repeat offenders or those who refuse to comply with verbal warnings can be issued a citation. Violations of the smoking/tobacco use policy carry a $20 fine and are delivered on a public safety citation form.

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The college recognizes drug or alcohol abuse as an illness and a major health problem, as well as a potential safety and security problem. Health risks associated with substance abuse include death, stroke and diseases of the heart and liver, in addition to alcohol and drug related suicides, homicides and accidents. The college complies with all federal, state and local laws that regulate or prohibit the possession, use or distribution of alcohol or illicit drugs.

The possession, sale, manufacture or distribution of any controlled substance is illegal under both state and federal laws. Violation of drug laws are referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Violators are subject to college disciplinary action, criminal prosecution, fine and imprisonment.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Wor-Wic campus, at any college-owned or operated facility or at any college sanctioned event is prohibited except by individuals over the age of 21 at officially-sponsored college events. Violations of Maryland law regarding the possession, consumption, sale or furnishing of alcohol to people under the legal drinking age are referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Violations of the alcoholic beverage policy by students are referred to the college student-faculty disciplinary committee. Employees who violate the policy are subject to disciplinary procedures up to and including dismissal.

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The college prohibits any individual from bringing or using a weapon on college property, including a firearm or any other instrument intended to cause harm or reasonable apprehension of immediate bodily harm. Anyone licensed to carry a concealed weapon is required to comply with this policy, but law enforcement officers are exempt.