Flexible Scheduling Options

Your Choice. Your Time. With the flexibility of our class times, term lengths and locations, you have the power to earn your degree on your schedule.

Take classes when you want

Take classes on your schedule. Fit your education around your work, your family, your life — and create a better future.

  • Flexible class schedules: We offer a 15-week session and two seven-week sessions, with a one-week break between the first and second seven-week sessions in the fall. Everyone gets spring break. 


  • Day classes are held from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. and night classes are held in three time slots of 4-5:30 p.m., 5:45-7:15 p.m. and 7:30-9 p.m. to fit around your schedule. View our credit class schedule.
  • Most summer sessions start in June, so if you are just finishing high school you can start right away and if you are visiting from another college or university, you can get some credits in over the summer before heading back to your campus.
Take classes how and where you want

Take classes how and where you want to take them — online, on campus, virtual or hybrid. Some of our programs can be taken totally online!

Take action to give yourself a better chance to succeed

In addition to providing more flexibility, seven-week classes mean you will prepare for half as many mid-terms or final projects as you would if you took classes in a standard session length. Sharpen your focus and concentrate on fewer classes at one given time.



Seven-week sessions explained

Our academic advising center answers your questions about the new academic schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about a seven-week class?

You will learn the same material as in a 15-week class, but the material is taught in a different way. Course objectives and credit hours are the same for classes taught in seven or 15 weeks. Classes offered in the seven-week format are often taught in hybrid or online formats.

How many seven-week classes can I take at a time?

Generally, you can register for up to eight credit hours within any seven-week session. That can include a combination of classes, such as two three-credit classes and a one-credit class. You can also combine seven-week classes with 15-week classes. A fall schedule could include two seven-week classes and a 15-week class.

How do I achieve full-time status when I am a part-time student?

Full-time status is defined as taking 12 or more total credit hours in a fall or spring term. Taking six credit hours in both the first and second seven-week sessions in a term would make you a full-time student. Flexible scheduling means that classes can be taken by coming to campus twice a week, day or evening, or by taking classes online.

When and how do I register for seven-week classes?

Registration starts for classes in seven-week and 15-week sessions at the same time. See the academic calendar for the dates. New students begin by completing an admission application. Returning students meet with their advisor.

Will I have a choice to take seven- or 15-week classes?

Yes, you will be able to take seven-week classes, 15-week classes or a combination of both. Students can register for a total of 18 credit hours during a fall or spring term, or 11 credit hours during a summer term. Meet with your advisor if you are interested in registering for additional credits.

Which classes are offered in seven-week sessions?

In the class schedule, click on the magnifying glass in “Search for courses…” Next, select the term (Terms category) and seven-week session (Topics category) from the left-hand filters to view the seven-week classes offered during that session. Contact your advisor for assistance with finding classes at 410-572-8725.

What should I know about seven-week classes?

Self-motivation and discipline are necessary for students to be successful in classes taught in hybrid and online formats. Organization and time management skills are also important. Students who can commit to attending without absences will benefit the most.

How will my financial aid be affected if I take seven-week classes?

Financial aid is based on the number of credit hours you register for within a term, regardless of whether your classes are in a seven-week and/or a 15-week session. You might be eligible for more financial aid if your register for more credit hours within a term.

Can I use my financial aid to purchase books for the second seven-week session?

Yes, financial aid can be used to purchase books for classes in any session that you register for.